Monday, July 13, 2009

Money Magazine Best Places To Live

Money Magazine just came out with their best places to live in the US.

Here is their top 10 list.

1. Louisville, CO
2. Chanhassen, MN
3. Papillion, NE
4. Middleton, WI
5. Milton, MA
6. Warren, NJ
7. Keller, TX
8. Peachtree City, GA
9. Lake St Louis, MO
10. Mukilteo, WA

Okay, let me start off by making a comment on Warren, NJ since I live in NJ, not too far from Warren.

If Money Magazine's criteria for "good" equates to "desolate" then Warren, NJ fits this to a T. There is NOTHING there. You are a gazillion miles away from any kind of civilization. Sure, it's quiet and the air is clean and it's not too expensive in comparison to many parts of the state, but if you want to go into the big city for a day of entertainment, I hope you brought your compass and a lot of food for the trip because you've got a long ride. Warren couldn't be anymore in the middle of nowhere if it tried.

In going over Money's list, it seems that they are in fact opting for the great outdoors, such as with the number 1 city on the list. Hey, and unemployment is only 6% there. Of course it is...nobody lives there.

Look, I have no beef with Money Magazine but what YOU need to do is sit down and think about what YOU want out of the city you're going to settle down in.

If it's a wild and exciting nightlife and plenty of opportunity, these towns are not going to do it for you.

If it's to get away from the rat race and breathe some clean air, then yes, this top 10 list will do nicely.

Personally, if I could move, it would be to New York City. It has everything you could possibly want. Yeah, there's pollution, crime and lots of noise.

But you'll never be bored.